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Product Information:

This variety entertainer is the best choice for events where you have a smaller number of kids or need a variety of activities. The artist will include a combination of activities consisting of the traditional cheek/hand painting and our standard 1 – 2 balloon creations.  This is ONE person to do TWO activities. 

This  works for a wide range of ages and is the most versatile option.   Pricing is based on the time you need us for and we recommend 8 - 10 kids in the 1.5 hour base package in order for both activities to get done. If you have extra attendees you can add time in 30 minute increments. Please plan accordingly so your artist can provide the best services.


  • 1.5 hours - 8 - 10 children
  • 2 hours - 10 - 15 children
  • 2.5 hours - 15 - 20 children

**** If you have less than 8 children call ****

Rule of thumb plan 3- 5 minutes per activity per guest depending on the complexity of the design.  Plus time to switch activities mid party.  It's always recommended to do face painting 1st so you do not have to worry about replacing balloons. Especially if it is out of doors. 


Please note scheduling entertainment is a 2 step process and online requests are not a guarantee of service. 

All entertainment requests will be presented *for quotes* first and final scheduling for entertainers/artists is based on availability.

Step 1) Once you submit the request for quote we will send you back a confirmation of pricing.  If agreed pricing works for your event then we will contact our staff of artists/ entertainers to confirm availability.  

Step 2) Once we have you placed with an artist /entertainer we will issue the final booking agreement.

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