Untitled design 3 Egg Hunt Tips

Easter Egg Hunt Tips

Make sure your Easter Egg Hunt is a hit!

Plenty of planning goes into a neighborhood Easter

Egg Hunt.  This year make yours a Hit!  In reality

an Easter Egg Hunt doesn’t take but a few minutes.

We recommend that you make your event a social

outing for the families in your neighborhood.  Try adding

a friendly visit from the Easter Bunny and send each child home

with a special gift from the bunny.


*  Chocolate is an Easter classic but not a good choice for an Easter Egg  hunt.  It melts!

Try filling your eggs with sugar based candies instead.  Some people even hide toys instead of plastic Eggs.  Always remember how many eggs you hide.  If you use real eggs this is especially important.


*  Tired of all the sugar?  Make your hunt extra special by hiding numbered eggs. Each numbered egg is redeemable for a small prize or total the numbers for larger prizes.  Have a golden egg for the winner and offer a filled basket. Another option is to let the children hunt the eggs then have the Easter Bunny stop by to  hand out a prize bag to each child after the hunt is finished.  That way everyone gets the same things plus a chance to meet the Easter Bunny and get their picture taken.


*  Older kids have the run of things?  Separate your Egg Hunt into age groups and hide the appropriate eggs in a certain zone.  Use string attached to tent stakes to cordon off the different search “zones”.  Then let each age group have a turn or have them all hunt at once their own “zone”.  Makes for fair play for all!  Make sure to hide eggs in age appropriate hiding places.  Making it more challenging for the older ones.