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Product Information:

Fantastic Twister - This will be one of our most experienced staff members, someone who has the ability to twist from request nearly anything you can imagine.  Armed with a variety of shaped, printed and sized balloons they will make things that will blow your crowd away.  Be prepared for awesomeness as they twist magic from thin air.  This twisting is an art form and great for smaller numbers at parties, variety of ages in the crowd and for anyone who wants twisting with style.  They will take longer to craft each multiple balloon creation.  Results are fantastic!  However, this will not be the twisting style to choose if you have a crowd that will be in a hurry to just grab a balloon and go This is balloon entertainment not balloon production. In other words - no need to make an octopus when a dog will do.  Choose this amazing style artist when you truly want creativity and something Fantastic!


Please note scheduling entertainment is a 2 step process and online requests are not a guarantee of service. 

All entertainment requests will be presented *for quotes* first and final scheduling for entertainers/artists is based on availability.

Step 1) Once you submit the request for quote we will send you back a confirmation of pricing.  If agreed pricing works for your event then we will contact our staff of artists/ entertainers to confirm availability.  

Step 2) Once we have you placed with an artist /entertainer we will issue the final booking agreement.

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Professional delivery to Naperville, IL, Plainfield, IL, Aurora, IL, Oswego, IL, Bolingbrook, IL and surrounding areas. Please submit a quote or contact us to be sure we service your area.